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Solids Interceptors

Zoo Trooper

Solids Interceptor

The ParkUSA® ZooTrooper® is a solids interceptor specifically designed for animal habitats and animal shelters, which produce an enormous amount of water and waste that typically gets flushed down the drain. The ZooTrooper® is a debris and sediment interceptor that consists of a multi-compartment basin and unique separation technology.

Efficient drainage and wastewater treatment of drainage is essential. Each habitat is unique and offers a variety of plants and animals that live in the specific environments, not to mention the sanitary conditions needed for the caretakers and patrons.

ZooTroopers® are in use in various applications, from small animal clinics up to elephant and rhinoceros zoo habitats. Other applications include; agriculture barns, show arenas, aquariums, and animal shelters.

A solids interceptor should be installed as determined by the engineer and the the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). The typical requirements is  preventing solids greater than one-half inch (1/2”)  in diameter from entering the sanitary sewer  system. In some cases, project requirements call for even finer separation.

The ZooTrooper® is compliant with both UPC and IPC plumbing codes.

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  • Pre-engineered from 500-15,000 gallons
  • Precast concrete, polyethylene, fiberglass or steel
  • Custom screen sizes (down to 100 micron)
  • Above or below grade installation
  • Pedestrian or traffic rated
  • Remote maintenance alarm
  • Interior liners available
  • Meets all building codes

The ZooTrooper® is typically located outside of the building or habitat. The unit is buried below grade where waste-water plumbing gravity flows into the interceptor. As the wastewater enters the interceptor’s first stage, the water velocity is significantly reduced, allowing for separation and fall-out of the debris into filter baskets. During continuous use, wastewater percolates through the filter baskets allowing fecal matter to break down and travel thru the screen in to the second stage of the interceptor. Debris that will be retained can include large fecal, straw, vegetation, litter, bones, food, and the occasional chew toy. The filtered wastewater then exits the outlet to the sanitary sewer.

All animal habitats require a good maintenance plan for a healthy and clean environments. The ZooTrooper® incorporates a filter maintenance alarm used to alert onsite staff of service requirements; typically the need to empty the baskets into solid waste disposal or composting. To ensure maximum performance of each ZooTrooper®, a sample well is recommended downstream of the interceptor. As its name implies, periodic water samples can be drawn and lab tested to determine sediment (TSS) and BOD content.

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