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Oil Stop Valve

Oil Stop Valve
Dolor Sit Amet

ParkUSA® OilStop™ Valve (OSV) is a device designed to prevent environmental catastrophe in the event of an oil or hydrocarbon spill. The OilStop meets EPA Spill Control and Counter Measures (SPCC) requirements. The patented, yet simple passive design of the OSV is automatic and requires little maintenance. The OSV can be used to enhance the operation of oil-water separators, inlets basins, and spill containment vaults and manholes. The OSV is an added assurance of non-oily water discharge.

Dolor Sit Amet

  • Standard Sizes from 4” to 14”
  • Very reliable and long lasting
  • Only periodic inspections needed
  • New or retrofit applications environments
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Can be removed/replaced without entering basin
  • Corrosion resistant designed for rugged environments
  • No electric power required
  • Converts existing drains to secondary containment
  • OilStop Valve is protected by US Patent #9,963,358

The OilStop Valve functions by the buoyancy theory, and a ballasted sphere is the only moving part. The sphere is weighted with a specific gravity of 0.90 (floats in water; sinks in oil). As long as the sphere is surrounded by water, the sphere will float, opening the valve. However, in the presence of oil or any fluid with a specific gravity less than .90, the sphere will sink, closing the valve.

Normal Condition - Water Surrounds the sphere causing it to float; the valve is OPENED, allowing oil-free water to discharge. As oil starts to accumulate around the sphere, the sphere will sink lower.  

Spill/High Oil Condition - Oil Surrounds the sphere causing it to sink; the outlet is CLOSED, preventing oil/water from discharging.

Removal and installation can be performed without entering the basin, avoiding the need for Confined Space Entry protocols.

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