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Oil‐Water Separators


Grit-Oil Separator

With the establishment of Phase I & II Stormwater Regulations by the EPA and in keeping with city and county NPDES permits, it is unlawful to discharge cosmetic wash water into the municipal separate stormwater system MS4. Cosmetic wash water discharges typically refer to any water that has been applied under pressure, from a wand, nozzle, or other portable applicator, to a fixed surface, whether indoor or outdoor, whether vertical or horizontal, for the purpose of removing dirt, oil, grease, animal feces and other stains, whether conducted by a contractor for profit, by employees of a company, a city, or any other entity for its operations and maintenance purposes, or by a person on that person’s property. ParkUSA®’s GoTrooper™ Grit-Oil separator and sample well is specific to this commercial application and complies with all relevant codes.​

Dolor Sit Amet

  • Pre-engineered from 500-15,000 gallons
  • Precast concrete, polyethylene, fiberglass or steel
  • Above or below grade installation
  • Pedestrian or traffic rated
  • Remote maintenance alarm
  • Interior liners available
  • Meets all building codes 

The function of the Grit-Oil separator is to intercept and retain cosmetic wash water. The unit can be designed to function as a gravity flow or pumped-driven system. The wastewater flows into an inlet chamber, passes through a baffle and oleophilic coalescing plate pack to separate oil and solids. The discharging effluent comprises the clearer water underneath the floating oils. Depending on the application, the Grit-Oil separator may be installed below grade or above ground. The separator is typically constructed of precast concrete, steel, or composite material providing years of continuous service. The separator is divided into several compartments where wash water discharge oil will coagulate and float to the surface, and sand (grit) will sink to the bottom.

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Vertical steel or fiberglass cylindrical interceptor


Concrete interceptor, 500 through 4000 gallons


Concrete interceptor, 5000 through 15000 gallons


Rectangular steel interceptor


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