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Elevader Sump System

EleVader EX

Elevator EX

The EleVader EX offers ease of installation, and green maintenance. The unit is very compact which allows placement in tight and confined spaces. There are over 700,000 installed elevators in the US, and most having oily-water issues. The EleVader EX offers an economical and environment-friendly solution for elevator retrofits and modernizations.

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  • ASME A17.1 elevator- and building-code compliant
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Heavy-Duty Cast Iron Pump, Impeller and Stainless
           Steel Hardware
  • Oil/Water Resistant Cords and Stainless Steel
          Mounting Hardware
  • Prepacked and Prewired System for Easy Installation
  • Unitized Control Panel with Easy User Interface
          (NEMA 4X)
  • Remote Alarm Connection Ready to BAS or
          SCADA System
  • Oil-Water Separator with Oil Detection and Separation

As water and oil accumulate in the elevator sump pit (A), a float sensor (B) will activate the sump pump (C). The pump moves the oily water to the adjacent oil/water separator (D). The separator uses patented technology to effectively remove oil from the wastestream and safely retain oil for future removal. The pretreated oil-free wastewater drains into a floor drain (E) that discharges into the sanitary sewer (F).

The EleVader® control panel (G) monitors the sump pump activity and allows for manual or automatic pump operation. The fluid levels are monitored for the elevator pit and the separator. The EleVader® provides a safe, seamless, and code-approved solution for managing water in all elevator pits (H).

Each elevator shaft (I) is required to have a pump capable of pumping 50 gpm per elevator cab (J). EleVader® configurations are available to serve multiple shafts and cabs.

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