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Onsite Sewage Facilities Tank

When a public sewer system is not available, a building sewer is required to have an on-site wastewater treatment system. Local and state authorities typically regulate on-site sewage treatment systems. There are two main types of on-site waste-water treatment systems;
1. Anaerobic - (no oxygen)
2. Aerobic - (oxygen using) 

Anaerobic treatment systems remove as many solids as possible from the sewage. The outflowing liquid is distributed through a soil drain/absorption field. Aerobic treatment systems include a pre-engineered treatment tank with air injection that offers better solids separation and reduced sludge volume. The aerobic system produces high quality effluent that can be disposed through drip irrigation and above ground spraying.  

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  • OSHA manway access cover
  • Chemical resistant tank construction
  • Prepackaged system for easy specification &
  • Maintenance notification system; alerts of tank full
  • Optional metering pump & controls
Onsite Sewage Facilities Tank

Septic / Pretreatment Tank: The septic or pretreatment tank should be constructed to maximize the amount of solids it separates. The tank can be single or double compartments and made of precast concrete (5000 psi@28 days). Adequate access must be provided to each compartment for easy accessibility, inspection, and cleaning. The septic/pretreatment tank shall be constructed in conformance to ASTM-C1227 and local/state requirements.

Aerobic Treatment Plant: The treatment plant is a pre-engineered treatment tank that utilizes aerobic (oxygen using) action to break down raw sewage. This system consists of concrete or fiberglass mixing tank, an internal cone shaped settling chamber and air injection equipment. The injected air enables naturally occurring bacteria to thrive and grow in much greater numbers than would occur naturally. This “overpopulation” of the bacteria speeds the process of breaking down the sewage.

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str-1 Model (1)

Concrete cylinder with cleanouts

ST-1 Model (1)

Two compartment tank

str-2 Model (1)

Concrete cylinder, 500 through 2500 gallons


Onsite Sewage Facilities Flyer

PCAD-1 Model (1)

Concrete cylinder with two pumps

PCAS-1 Model (1)

Concrete cylinder with single pump

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