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Fuel-Water Separator


Fuel-Water Separator

The ParkUSA® Helicepter® is a fuel-water separator for use on heliports. In the event of a helicopter accident or fuel spillage, the separator will separate and retain flammable fuel from stormwater.

Special consideration should be made for heliports (also referred to as a helistop, helipad, or helideck) located on elevated structures or building rooftops. These applications have rooftop stormwater drainage systems that run down within the building or marine structure. Potential fire hazard exists from fuel entering into the drainage system from aircraft fueling or crash during landing and takeoff. Fire and plumbing codes prohibit fuel from entering into the plumbing drainage systems.

To maximize life-safety and property protection, a HeliCepter® fuel-water separator is an essential part of every heliport.

Dolor Sit Amet

  • 15 year warranty
  • Meets fire and building codes
  • Patented design and certified performance
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Easy access cover with fall-protection
  • Automatic service alarm system
  • Easy to install and low maintenance

As precipitation falls on a heliport landing pad, the resulting stormwater runoff drains away from the pad via a plumbing drainage system. The drainage system often drains through a building on its way to a stormwater or sanitary sewer. In the event of a helicopter crash or accidental fuel spill, the runoff could contain dangerous components that put the building and public sewer at risk for fire and explosion. The function of a fuel-water separator is to intercept fuel and oils from the heliport drainage system and then safely detain it for removal. Runoff flows from the landing pad into the drainage system and then to the HeliCepter® heliport separator.

The runoff enters the separator’s inlet chamber where any present fuel slugs rise immediately to the surface. The remaining fuel-laden wastewater flows through the patented coalescing media where remaining hydrocarbon droplets and fine solids are progressively separated. All the separated hydrocarbons rise to the upper area of the separator and securely detained. Downstream, the patented fuel-stop valve prevents the release of harmful fuels from exiting the separator. Hazardous fumes are vented from the separator and safely away from the building and the public sewer. Maintenance is made easy by the automatic monitoring system that notifies the operator of hydrocarbon high levels. Once activated, the operator has the separator cleaned by a qualified service company. An auxiliary storage tank can be utilized to increase the storage capability of the separator system.

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Steel interceptor within concrete vault


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