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Stormwater Drainage

Trench Drains

ParkUSA FloTrench are floor drains that are used for the rapid evacuation of surface water, containment of utility lines or chemical spills. Employing a grating or solid cover, that is flush with the adjoining surface, this drain is commonly made of Concrete, Polyethylene, Steel or Fiberglass to aid in channel crafting and slope formation. ParkUSA can manufacture trench drains in standard or even custom configurations. Our project managers work with each customer to ensure that each trench drain meets the exact requirements for the application.​

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  • Long drainage lengths
  • Pedestrian or traffic loading
  • Reduced pooling of water

Trench drains capture surface water, stormwater, or spills and convey the liquid to a wastewater or stormwater sewer system. The liquid may enter into a storm-water interceptor for initial treatment before continuing to a sewer system.

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Trench System with drop


Trench System with drop


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