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Call: 888-611-7275

Stormwater Drainage

Power & Communication Boxes

Precast concrete vaults are perfect for communications, electrical, gas or steam systems, as they protect the vital connections and controls for utility distribution. Precast concrete is nontoxic and environmentally safe. These structures are customizable and provide excellent durability during backfill and use.

Dolor Sit Amet

  • New installations
  • Sizes from 12” to 96”
  • Available corrosion resistant inner liner
Power & Communication Box

Utility vaults are below ground structures made of high-strength precast concrete. The purpose of these structures is to protect or provide underground placement of communications, electrical, gas or steam systems.

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Vh-1 Model (1)

Concrete vault with hatchway

ELPB-1 Model (1)

Electrical pull box

EM-96 Model (1)

Electrical manhole

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