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Stormwater Interceptors


Stormwater Interceptor

The StormTrooper® is the most advanced stormwater hydrodynamic separator (HDS) on the market. The StormTrooper® utilizes patented technology to remove sediments, trash, and oil from storm-water runoff. With thousands of installations worldwide, engineers rely on and include the StormTrooper® in their Stormwater Water Quality (SWQ) plan as required by EPA Clean Water Act. Stormwater runoff from urban areas carries pollutants and trash into the storm drainage system. Unlike sanitary sewer water, stormwater typically receives little treatment. Polluted stormwater eventually drains into public waterways, rivers, aquifers, lakes, and oceans. The pollutants include trash, debris, sediment, and hydrocarbons which could be harmful to the environment, both biologically and aesthetically.


  • Wide range of models and capacities available
  • Customizable design to adapt to jobsite configuration
  • Prepacked system for easy installation
  • Oil removal through patented coalescing media
  • Simple maintenance
  • Coating options available 
  • Low and high flow capabilities

The function of the StormTrooper® system is to intercept free oil and sediment from stormwater runoff and retain them for periodic removal. Each system is designed for a rated flow rate of stormwater, known as the “first-flush” flow of a storm event. This first-flush contains the majority of the pollutants washed from catchment areas. Runoff will range from low to very high flow rates. High flows can be detrimental to stormwater treatment devices in that excessive flows tend to scour and resuspend the existing retained pollutants left from the previous storm event. The StormTrooper® utilizes engineered bypass features to handle excessive flows, permitting only the design flow through the interceptor while bypassing high flows to the storm sewer. 

ST Cylindrical Resources

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Cyl Size

Cylindrical Summary of Sizes 

SwST Cyl Orientation

SwST Cylindrical Orientation Worksheet 

SWST - C-01

SWST-C 05 thru 150 cylindrical

ST Rectangular Resources

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Rec Size

Rectangular Summary of Sizes 

SwST Rec Worksheet

SwST Rectangular Orientation Worksheet 


StormTrooper Model SWST 05 thru 150

ST Technical Resources

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Protecting Water Quality

Nation's Largest Water Quality Problems

Mgt Measure New Dev.

Runoff Control Min. Control Measure

Stormwater Phase II

Managing Urban Runoff


Micron Example Chart

Construction Handbook 

Handbook for Construction Activities 

Minimum Design Criteria 

Technical Manual Water Quality 

COH Design Manual 

Houston Infrastructure Design Manual

Harris CO SWQ LID Design

Harris CO Design Criteria for SW Mgt.

Harris CO SW QM 

Harris CO SW Quality Management 

HCFCD Guidelines 

HCFCD Design Guidelines 

Additional Resources

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SWQMP City Hou/HC Interactive Form


SWQMP Other Cities Interactive Form

CFS Summary

StormTrooper CFS by Unit Size

100 yr/24 hr

100 yr/24 hr Rainflow Intensity Graph


Coalescing Media Pack Fact Sheet

SwST Patent

StormTrooper U.S. Patent 7470361

SwRI Approval

SwRI SwST Approval Letter

TCEQ RG-348 - SwAQ

Guidance for BMPs for use Edward's Aquifer


TSS/TPH Performance Analysis Sample for CMPs

SwST Structural

Bouyancy Calculation Sample Form


StormTrooper Flyer

SWAQ Testing

SWAQ Testing

SWST Testing

SWST Testing

SWST Install App

StormTrooper Typical Applications


CMP Flyer

ST Accessories Resources

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LSLP-1 Model (1)

Rectangular lift station

SWB-2 Model (1)

Concrete sample well 

WWL-NCD-02 Model (1)

Duplex concrete LS with non-clog pump & interior liner

WW-NC-01 Model (1)

Concrete lift station with non-clog pump

WW-NCD-01 Model (1)

Duplex concrete lift statin with non-clog pump

WW-NCD-02-DBV Model (1)

Duplex concrete lift statin with non-clog pump and valve box

WW-NCM-01 Model (1)

Duplex concrete LS with non-clog pump and macerator

WW-NCT-01 Model (1)

Triplex concrete lift statin with non-clog pump


Hydraulic Hood Flyer

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