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Floatable Collection

Pond Inlet Filter

Detention ponds are used as a means to temporarily detain water so that the stormwater handling infrastructure is not overwhelmed in the event of heavy or extended periods of rainfall. Stormwater runoff often drains directly into these ponds without any type of screening or filtration, allowing trash, debris, and other gross pollutants to collect. The Pond Inlet Filter screens the stormwater for various sizes of debris before entering the storm sewer.

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  •  Screens trash, debris, and other gross pollutants
  • Various particle size screening available
  • Pipe cleanout available
  • Small and non-intrusive design
  • Prevents clogging of storm sewer pipes
  • Engineered as a stormwater pretreatment device

ParkUSA®’s pond inlet filter captures unwanted floatable pollutants from leaving a detention pond and entering a receiving water body or storm-water system. The effluent encounters a floatable collection screen that traps floating debris as small as 1½″ in size, preventing it from entering the drain piping and invading MS4s, rivers, drainage swales, lakes, bayous, estuaries, and coastal waters. The floatable pollution is retained in the detention pond for removal. 

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Stormwater Quality Outfall -EM model


Stormwater Quality Outfall -ET model

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