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Tree Basin

Biofiltration Treatment System

The TreeBasin™ is a biofiltration stormwater treatment BMP that can be used in applications like stand-alone treatment, pretreatment for infiltration, rainwater harvesting, and detention. The TreeBasin™ system uses a combination of physical, chemical, and biological processes to remove nutrients, sediments, hydrocarbons, metals, and trash from storm-water. It can be used alongside other BMPs to maximize water quality. Its design allows for use from small urban areas to highly developed cities. The TreeBasin™ uses an engineered filtration/ absorbing media, which presents the ideal characteristics to grow a tree. The TreeBasin™ filters out total suspended solids (TSS) consisting of nutrients, pollutants, and sediments from stormwater runoff. TreeBasins™ are highly adaptable for most developments due to a small footprint and shallow elevation. Plant selection allows TreeBasins™ to be seamlessly integrated into the landscape and adds aesthetic value. Typical TreeBasin™ applications include parking lots, sidewalks, gardens, plazas, and streets. The green infrastructure and low-impact development design make the tree basin a great BMP option in any water quality project.

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  • Prefabricated, low-impact development product
  • Ready to install in the jobsite with minimal assembly
  • Economical biofiltration solution
  • Offline and online configurations
  • Easy maintenance

The stormwater runoff enters the unit through the curb inlet and goes into the stainless steel basket, then enters the oil absorbing media, and then into the nutrients absorbing media (D). Inside the media, the nutrients and sediments are removed from water. At the same time, the tree roots play an important role in this process: the tree uptakes some of the energy it needs to develop through the nutrients absorbed at this step. Finally, the stormwater runoff exits the unit by filtrating into a network of perforated piping at the bottom of the unit.​ 

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