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Nutri Basin

Sediment Filtration System

The NutriBasin™ is a filtration device designed to remove dissolved nutrients (e.g. phosphorus and nitrogen) from stormwater runoff. It exhibits high removal rates, especially for phosphorous (above 90% removal). The unit also contributes to sediment retention and prevention of algae production. It consists of a concrete vault with top access hatchway, inlet and outlet pipe connections, and an engineered biofiltration media contained in removable cartridges. The NutriBasin™ design allows for easy maintenance. All servicing can be done without entering the vault, which avoids confined space hazards. The modular media cartridges are easily removed and replaced. Anticipated cartridge replacement can be from 6 months to 5 years depending on the nutrient loading concentration.

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  • Ready to install with minimal assembly
  • Prefabricated lid unit
  • Easy maintenance
  • Highest nutrient removal rate

The storm-water runoff enters the inlet chamber of the NutriBasin™ and the flow is diffused by a baffle. In the filtration chamber, flow is treated by the engineered biofiltration media. Dissolved nutrients are removed from the water due to the reaction with this media. The excess water is filtered at the bottom of the product through perforated underdrain piping. Finally, the treated water exits the NutriBasin™ via the outlet chamber.​

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