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Bio Basin

Stormwater Biofiltration System

Floatable trash, sediment, and hydrocarbons are common pollutants that wash into storm sewer systems and are regulated by the Clean Water Act. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has established total maximum daily loads (TMDL) for pollutants throughout the country. To address pollutants once they enter their storm sewer systems municipalities, land owners and developers are being required to install best management practices (BMP). The BioBasin® is a water quality and treatment device or BMP that is designed to specifically remove floatable trash, hydrocarbons and sediment from stormwater.

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  • Hydrocarbon capture
  • Stormwater BMP
  • Manufactured in Texas

The BioBasin™ basin is outfitted with a textile boom. Floating pollutants are detained by an absorbent floating boom with an integral lower skirt portion comprised of fabric tendrils hanging beneath the boom. Water enters the structure from an inlet device, such as a grate or curb inlet, and is temporarily detained in the structure. Fluid is required to pass through the treatment fabric, which is submerged below the water level. Floatable trash, sediment, and hydrocarbons are retained in the unit. The BioBasin™ includes a high oil sensing unit and a filter service alert. The service alert panel notifies of a clogged filter by means of an audible and visual alarm.

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