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Pump Lift Stations

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Pump Lift Station - Effluent Pump

Effluent pumps are used to move small quantities of stormwater or subsurface water at low to moderate flow rates. The Park line of Effluent Pump Station is ideal for effluent applications where a gravity flow system is not practical. The effluent pump package is available in a Simplex (single pump) or Duplex (dual pump). The discharge size is typically 1-1/4” to 2” with flow rates up to 30 gpm and horsepower ranging from fractional to 2 HP.

Dolor Sit Amet

  • 1/3 HP through 3 HP effluent pumps 
  • Offered as complete turnkey systems or engineered to
          project specifications 
  • Computer system design and selection programs
          available for design assistance 
  • Variable Wet Well Sizes 
  • Grating or Hatchway Access 
  • Automatic or Manual Operation 

Depending on the project, the number of submersible pumps, as well as, the valve system are subject to change.  In smaller stations, there can be one submersible pump and the valve assembly is housed within the wet well to save infrastructure costs.  In larger stations, which can house multiple submersible pumps, it is recommended that the valve system be housed in a separate valve vault.  This makes it easier to conduct maintenance when necessary.

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WW-WGD-01 Model (1)

Duplex grinder lift station

WW-WGS-01 Model (1)

Duplex grinder lift station


Duplex axial lift station w/ discharge through lid

WWXX-EMPTY Model (1)

Lift station wet well

WWXX-AXQXX Model (1)

Qudraplex axial lift station


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