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Fire Service Compound Water Meters

The MeterVault® is a fire service compound meter designed for combined fire service and domestic water where a single supply line supports both fire and domestic or process needs. The meter may be utilized in automatic sprinkler systems and fire service, as a master meter for an entire water system, as a master meter for zoned systems, and for domestic or processed water where accuracy across a broad range of flows is critical. The fire rated compound meter eliminates the need for secondary service lines, saving time and reducing installation expenses and is compliant for all UL, FM, NSF-61, AWWA C703 Standards for fire service meter applications.

Fire service compound meters are available in sizes from 3" through 10" and flow rate of 0.50 to 5,500 GPM.

Dolor Sit Amet

  • Built to city and municipal specifications
  • Combines low-flow sensitivity of disc meter with high-flow capacity of turbine meter
  • Variety of piping configurations
  • Factory pre-assembled and tested
  • Precast concrete vault and access hatchway
  • OEM brands of fire service meter/strainer and other components

Fire service compound meters combine positive displacement and turbine (velocity) measuring technologies to capture accurate measurements in applications that experience rapid and wide fluctuations in water demands.

During normal low flow operation, all water flows through the sensitive bypass positive displacement meter for accurate registration. As flow and pressure loss through the bypass increases, the mainline clapper assembly automatically opens, permitting water to flow through the horizontal turbine measuring element and the bypass meter for accurate combined registration of all flows. The element employs a feature to divide wear across multiple points, increasing accuracy, reducing friction and extending the life of the measuring element. Integral flow straightening vanes on the inlet and outlet sides of the measuring element contribute to the long term accuracy of the meter. As flow and pressure loss through the bypass meter decrease, the clapper assembly once again closes, redirecting all water through the bypass. Higher demand instances include master meter supply applications and fire suppression requirements.

For billing purposes, with compound meters, two sets of meter readings are taken – a larger meter for the high flows (the "high side") and another, smaller meter, for the low flows (the "ow side"). The usages are then added together and the customer is billed for the combined usage

Size Flow Range
3"     0.5 to 750 gpm
4"     0.75 to 1,000 gpm
6"     2 to 2,000 gpm
8"     2 to 3,500 gpm
10"  2 to 5,500 gpm

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