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Propeller Water Meters

The MeterVault® Propeller Water Meter is designed for measuring potable and non-potable cold water for irrigation in agriculture and turf applications, water and wastewater treatment in municipal and industrial applications. The propeller meter is an economical and versatile flow measurement solution for a wide range of water flows and applications, and can even be used on dirty water flows. Propeller water meters are available from 2″ to 120″ diameter.

Dolor Sit Amet

  • Built to city and municipal specifications
  • Variety of piping configurations
  • Factory pre-assembled and tested
  • Precast concrete vault and access hatchway
  • OEM brands of turbine meter and other components
  • Bi-directional flow

A propeller meter works by fluid flowing through a pipe and turning a propeller. Those turns, or revolutions, equate to flow rate and volume over time. The speed of the propeller revolutions correlated with the inside diameter of the pipe, calculating flow rate and totalization. Totalization and flow rate are indicated on a meter’s register.

Propeller meters use the velocity measuring principle to capture accurate measurements in applications that experience large volume and wide fluctuations in water demands. Some propeller meter models can be inserted into existing pipelines.

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DMTCOH-1 Model

Domestic turbine assembly, City of Houston


Fire and domestic combination assembly

FMCCOH-1 Model

Fire and domestic combination assembly, City of Houston


Domestic turbine assembly


Fire service turbine assembly

FMTCOH-1 Model

Fire service turbine assembly, City of Houston


Domestic compound assembly


Domestic combination assembly

DMCCOH-1 Model

Domestic compound assembly, City of Houston

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