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Call: 888-611-7275

Domestic and Fire Protection Systems

Clean water is a valuable resource that Americans have come to depend on for all aspects of personal, recreation, and business activities. ParkUSA furnishes a suite of products designed to process and deliver water for storage and distribution, protect public water supplies, and provide reliable water metering. To do this with efficiency, ParkUSA offers a wide range of Water Meter Assemblies, Break Tank Systems, Backflow Prevention Systems, that will cover all your needs for domestic and fire use.

Backflow Prevention

Reduced Pressure Backflow Preventer Assemblies
Fire Department Connection Assemblies
Single Detector Check Valve Assemblies
Double Check Valve Assemblies
Double Detector Check Valve Assemblies

Water Metering Assemblies 

Propeller Metering Assemblies
Domestic Compound Meter Assemblies
Fire Rated Compound Meter Assemblies
Magnetic Meter Assemblies
Domestic Turbine Meter Assemblies
Positive Displacement Meter

Water Storage Tanks

Fire Water Tanks
Combination Water Tanks
Domestic Water Tanks