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Acid Neutralization System

When plumbing drainage systems contain the discharge of corrosive, toxic and flammable wastes, special attention should be placed in treating the waste. Untreated waste can physically damage a building’s plumbing system as well as the environment. Laboratories and industrial plants with this type of waste are common applications that require the treatment.

The ParkUSA®‘s LabTank® Neutralization Tank is designed so that acidic waste is collected and passed through the tank prior to discharging into the sanitary sewer system. The waste is chemically neutralized within the unit. It is important to note that the tank is an acid neutralizer. For optimal tank performance it is not recommended that acidic waste be further diluted prior to neutralization. Therefore, all acidic effluent should be gathered separately from other non-acidic waste and non-acidic waste should bypass the neutralization tank.

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  • Wide range of models and capacities available
  • Customizable design to adapt to jobsite configuration
  • Prepacked system for easy installation
  • Unitized control panel with easy user interface

The Acid Neutralization Tank Model ANT is the standard model available. Operation occurs following chemical processes. Acids and alkalis can be neutralized, rendering them harmless. The degree of neutralization can be measured by the pH system (concentration of hydrogen ion). Acid pH values range from 0 to 6.99, a neutral solution is 7 and alkalis range from 7.01 to 14. The smaller the pH value, the higher the content of acidic waste. The larger the pH value the higher the content of alkaline waste. The neutralization process occurs by the chemical reaction of calcium and magnesium carbonate with the acidic waste. The pH value is increased to 6.0 - 8.0. This range of pH in the neutralized effluent is generally acceptable for discharge into public sewer systems.

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 Anms-1 Model (1)

Polyethylene tank and sample well in concrete vault

 ANPT-1 Model (1)

Polyethylene tank in concrete cylinder

 ANT-SYS-1-ROUND Model (1)

Concrete cylinder with sample well

 ANT-01 Model (1)

Concrete cylinder with liner

 ANTC-1A Model (1)

Steel cylinder with ceramic liner


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