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Clean water is a valuable resource that Americans have come to depend on for all aspects of personal, recreation, and business activities. ParkUSA furnishes a suite of products designed to process and deliver water for storage and distribution, protect public water supplies, and provide reliable water metering.

ParkUSA furnishes a suite of products designed to process and deliver water for storage and distribution, along with reliable water metering. Backflow prevention and break tanks are utilized to protect our natural resource, safe drinking water and water storage in both domestic and fire protection needs.

Stormwater discharge from rainfall can cause flooding creating harmful effects to people and property. Stormwater is also a significant source of pollution as it moves over the ground picking up and transporting manmade debris. These pollutants are deposited into lakes, rivers, wetlands, coastal waters, and underground reservoirs.

When water is contaminated by waste products from facilities like hospitals or restaurants, it requires special attention before it can be released into mainstream sewage. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and state governments mandate certain operations to protect the environment and sewer systems. From grease interceptors to decontaminating wastewater from hospitals, ParkUSA has the solution you’re looking for.

As individuals and businesses become more aware of water’s status as a finite resource, and commit to taking steps to conserve it accordingly, ParkUSA is leading the way with solutions that help them get the most from their water. The practice of reclaim and reuse is emerging in the commercial construction market as municipalities enact regulations promoting water saving methods, especially in areas impacted by droughts. 

ParkUSA’s state of the art facility allows us the ability to custom fabricate precast, metal, plastics and fiberglass. We can also assist in designing and manufacturing to meet a customer's specific needs. ParkUSA has over 10,000 square feet of fabrication facility and many years of experience designing and fabricating. With an onsite engineering and CAD team, ParkUSA has the ability to meet all of your project needs. 

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