Odor Control



The OdorTrooper™ is an Environmental Protection New Product of the Year award recipient for 2015. It is an economical air treatment solution for wastewater systems including piping systems, pump stations, and waste-water treatment plants. When these systems are located near populated developments the need for nuisance odor management and aesthetically sensitive designs are needed.

Dolor Sit Amet

  • Precast concrete vault
  • OSHA compliant hatchway, ladder and safety net
  • Corrosion resistant air relief valve
  • Activated carbon air purifier

The ParkUSA® model OC OdorTrooper is designed to neutralize odors emanating from Sanitary Sewer Lift Stations. The vent of the lift station is piped to the OT carbon odor neutralization device for filtering and cleaning. The OT comes equipped with a check valve that prevents the discharge of sanitary waste into the domestic waste vent system. This passive system provides neutralization of harmful hydrogen sulfide, volatile organic compounds (VOC) concentrations, bioaerosols, and other toxic and noxious gases that can emanate into our environment from an atmospheric vent.