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Bar Screen

Wastewater Screen Assembly

The ParkUSA® BarScreen™ is a stationary screen device used for wastewater or stormwater applications. Bar screen assemblies are used in an open channel (free surface) flow applications to separate & detain course debris and contraband. These unusual solids have a potential for “clogging” the public sewer line, causing expensive cleaning and downtime of the sewer system. As opposed to expensive automatic rake screens, bar screens are more economical.

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  • Various bar screen designs
  • Corrosion resistant construction
  • LEED compliant
  • Easy installation and maintenance

ParkUSA®’s Bar Screen System captures unwanted floatable pollutants from waste-water systems. In the unit, the influent will encounter a floatable collection bar screen that traps debris as small as 1½″ in size, preventing them from invading sewers, rivers, drainage swales, lakes, bayous, estuaries, and coastal waters. The separated effluent will exit the Bar Screen System and continue through the sewer system, leaving behind the debris. Bar screens are ideal for facilities which have a full maintenance staff. The bar screen is designed for ease of maintenance while maximizing safety. The Bar Screen™ consists of a structural concrete vault assembly with a preformed channel. The channel is placed at the flowline elevation of the inlet and outlet sewer pipe connections (typically at 3’ to 8’ below grade). Within the channel, vertical stainless-steel screens are positioned at an inclined angle. Screen openings are typically ½” to 2”. Often, multiple screens are used with progressively smaller screen openings.​

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BSAF-1 Model (1)

Channel flow with screen and flume

 BSAH-1 Model (1)

Channel flow with screen

 BSQ-1 Model (1)

Screen with removable debris basket


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