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Stormwater Diversion Valves

Stormwater diversion valve systems utilize a control panel to actuate diverter valves in the event that certain preprogrammed criteria are met. Control panels can be programed to receive fluid level, temperature, pH, and leak detection sensory input, as well as time of day and year, as required by the application. Once the desired criteria are met, the diverter valve is actuated to allow storm-water runoff to discharge to a predetermined location instead of the normal drainage area.

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  • Electronic actuators for remote control
  • Scenario-based actuation
  • Customizable for most applications
  • Various sensors available 
Stormwater Diversion Valve

The three-way diverter valve relies on a control panel that is programmed to receive signals from sensors and input devices, both internal and external. These signals are interpreted by the control panel and will determine when the valve is to be actuated, which will then allow fluid to be diverted from one outlet to the other. Depending on the requested enclosure type, several components are present to prevent water damage to sensitive electrical components.

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Diverter Valve Assembly


Wash down diverter valve


Wash down diverter valve


Wash down diverter valve


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