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Stormwater Weirs

Stormwater runoff can be overwhelming to a stormwater drainage system if a large area is being drained to one discharge location. It is often beneficial to temporarily detain large amounts of runoff in a pond or other detention structure by installing a storm-water weir at the outlet. Weirs retain fluid using a baffle with area openings, which are calculated and designed to restrict outlet flow rates based on the level of the fluid, or head pressure.

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  • Customizable outlet orifice profile
  • Monitoring devices available
  • Easy-to-install pre assembled vault
Stormwater Weirs

At its simplest, a weir is no more than an obstruction placed in a channel over which water flows. The obstruction is a specially shaped notch or opening set above the floor of the channel. Weirs can be used for flow restriction and/or measuring flow. The flow rate over a weir is determined by measuring the liquid depth in the pool upstream of the weir.

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