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Grease Interceptor

The GreaseTrooper is a gravity grease interceptor (GGI) designed to reduce the amount of FOG (fats, oils, and greases) in wastewater. Grease interceptors are used in establishments to remove excessive amounts of grease that may interfere with the proper drainage and treatment of wastewater. The accumulation of FOG can escalate into blockages and sanitary sewer overflows (SSO) that disrupt wastewater treatment operations and increase costs.

Most local plumbing codes prohibit any industrial user from discharging FOG over 100 mg/l into the public sewer system.

Typical applications include commercial wastewater, institutional kitchens, and food processing plants. The waste discharge from these facilities usually contains high‐temperature water, high organic loads, FOG, suspended food particles, and detergents.

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  • Sizes from 500 gallons to 20,000 gallons
  • Uniform Plumbing Code Listed (UPC)
  • High‐strength precast concrete, steel, or fiberglass
  • Easy maintenance
  • Choices of interior protective liners
  • Remote maintenance alarm

Gravity Grease Interceptors (GGI) work on the buoyancy principle. Animal fats and vegetable oils (grease) are 10 to 15 percent less dense than water and will float on top of water. When wastewater enters a grease interceptor, the velocity is reduced enough that wastewater is given time to cool and separate into 3 layers.

Grease rises to the top inside the interceptor and is trapped using a system of baffles. Solids settle at the bottom, and the separated clear water escapes under an outlet baffle. Grease interceptors can also have strainers for collecting solid debris, which reduce the amount of solids that settle at the bottom of the interceptor.

Over time, solid and grease build‐up will accumulate in the grease interceptor. A routine cleaning schedule will ensure maximum performance of each interceptor.​

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Flyer - GT

GreaseTrooper Product Flyer


Grease Interceptor - Concrete, Two Compartment, Direct-Bury


Grease Interceptor - Concrete, Three Compartment, Direct-Bury


Grease Interceptor - Stainless Steel, Two Compartment, Free-Standing


Grease Interceptor - Stainless Steel, Two Compartment, Direct Bury


GT - Fiberglass - Above Ground 500 - 5000 gal 


GT - Fiberglass - Below Ground 500 - 5000 gal


GT - 3 Comp. - FRP - Below Ground 500 - 5000 gal


Grease Interceptor - Direct-Bury, Typical Installation Drawing


Grease Interceptor - Hydromechanical, 4 Thru 100 GPM


Grease Interceptor - Hydromechanical, 150 Thru 500 GPM


Sample Well, Concrete, Direct -Bury, with Equal Inverts


Sample Well, Concrete, Direct -Bury, with Unequal Inverts


Sample Well, Stainless Steel, Above-Ground


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