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Domestic Water Storage Tank

The ParkUSA® BreakTank® is a packaged water storage system complete with tank, controls, and fill valves. A BreakTank is a necessary component in multilevel buildings to provide adequate water needs for Fire, Domestic, & Irrigation applications.

ParkUSA has fabricated BreakTanks for more than 25 years in accordance with the American Welding Society Specifications, AISC, NFPA, and the Uniform Building Code.

The fabrication of reliable and durable products requires knowledge, experience and investment. The Engineering team at ParkUSA designs break-tanks that are fabricated for project specifications and size requirements to meet all individual needs. Complete fabrication is performed at our Houston plant with certified material and personnel. Factory coating and abrasive blasting are performed in our new High- Tech blast/paint facility, offering excellent corrosion and abrasion resistance.

Dolor Sit Amet

  • Structurally & hydraulically engineered
  • A36 steel construction
  • Manways
  • Interior & exterior ladders
  • Stilling wells
  • Interior ANSI/NSF protective coatings
  • Exterior rust inhibitors
  • 150 PSI flanges
  • Anti-vortex plate
  • Split float access panels
  • Fill, suction, vent and drain

The BreakTank shall be divided with a partition with one compartment for Fire Protection Water and the other for Potable Water (Only Where Domestic Storage is Utilized). The partition shall be of the double wall type extending to the top of the tank, each wall of the partition shall be sealed with a continuous weld between the wall and four sides of the tank. There shall be an air space between the walls of the partition of not less than four (4) inches for tanks with a height of ten (10) feet or less. For tanks over ten (10) feet in height, the space between the walls of the partition shall be not less than six (6) inches. A nonthreaded opening shall be provided at the bottom of the partition to give visual evidence of loss of integrity of the wall of the partition. The air space between the partition walls shall be given a one (1) psi air test with all welds soaped to assure no leaks in the partition chamber. The tank fabricator shall furnish a notarized certificate of compliance with this test. A metal nameplate indicating the name of manufacturer, date of manufacture and serial number of the tank shall be permanently affixed to the tank. The manufacturer of the tank shall have no less than five (5) years of experience building 3,500 gallon or larger potable water tanks. No subcontracting of tank will be permitted. A list of installations of such tanks shall be furnished as required by the engineer. The tanks shall be constructed entirely of new materials to assure against the possibility of contamination from previous usage.

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Dolor Sit Amet

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