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Underground storm sewer piping will sometimes penetrate aboveground in the form of a drainage ditch or pond inlet or discharge. There is a potential for soil erosion to occur around the pipe due to the unbridled nature of stormwater. To help prevent this erosion, a Headwall is used to terminate the pipe. The Headwall is a precast concrete structure with wings and a bottom to deflect the water away from the soil. Headwalls are a type of retaining wall that is commonly found near streams, ponds, or similar waterways. Headwalls are used to provide support for bridges and roadways by anchoring the piping to prevent movement due to hydraulic and soil pressures and prevent soil erosion and scouring from turbulent storm-water. 

Dolor Sit Amet

  • Prevents soil erosion
  • Retaining wall
  • Secure pipe placement
  • Flow control attachments available

Concrete headwalls, sometimes called wingwalls, improve the flow of water while offering protection from erosion and scour caused by fast moving turbulent water and prevent the surrounding bank from eroding and sloughing into ponds, rivers, and ditches.

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Drainage exit structure 12" thru 48" with screen


Drain. exit struct. 12"- 48" w/ energy dissipator


Headwall for Stormwater piping 12" thru 48"

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