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Belowground sanitary and stormwater sewer piping require access openings by means of a manhole at certain intervals to allow for access, connection points, and change-in-direction points. The manhole is a belowground round or square structure made of precast concrete that allows sewer piping connections near the bottom of the manhole structure. At the street level, an iron access cover (often referred to as a “manhole cover”) is placed to permit access.

Stormwater manhole: This manhole is used on stormwater sewer lines for the conveyance of rainwater. The storm sewer manhole is generally characterized by a larger size, which is dictated by the sewer pipe connection sizes and orientations. Sizes of storm sewer manholes can range from 48” to 120” in diameter and will vary in depth according the depth of the storm sewer piping.

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  • Overflow protection
  • Low cost
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Custom designs available
  • Interior liners available
  • Multiple wet well sizes and profiles 
  • Various access manway covers
  • Variable structure heights and extensions

The manhole is a unit designed for access to an underground utility vault. This product is widely used as an access point for making connections, inspections, valve adjustments, or to perform maintenance on underground utility vaults. Manholes can be seen in either stormwater or wastewater applications, being generally found in urban areas, streets, and sidewalks. ParkUSA also offers custom manhole units that are suitable for almost any application.

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PcmhinEcc-1 Model (1)

Manhole with eccentric top

PCMHSY-E Model (1)

Manhole with area inlet


Transition structure for storm lines x-ing sanitary sewer line


ManholeOPS Flyer


Square manhole



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