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In forested areas, the water balance or natural hydrology is regulated by rainfall and associated fluctuations in infiltration, evaporation, and transpiration from plant growth. But in urban areas, this natural hydrology is heavily modified because land has been cleared of vegetation and capped with “hard” or impervious surfaces. When it rains, most rainfall runs off of impervious surfaces such as roofs and roads and is transported directly and quickly to waterways through a drainage system. As a result, stormwater reaches waterways more often, more quickly, and in greater volumes than natural waterways. The ParkUSA® RainFilter™ is a complete system designed to capture total suspended solids (TSS), debris, and trash from stormwater runoff. It presents a low footprint and is of special use on leadership in energy and environmental design (LEED) projects and green development.

Dolor Sit Amet

  • Various basket and storage equipment designs
  • Low profile design
  • LEED compliant
  • Texas manufactured
  • Easy installation and maintenance

As the first surge of stormwater runoff enters the surface grate, it encounters the first of three stainless steel perforated baskets. The first debris basket is designed to retain substances greater than 8,000 microns (8mm). Common substances include leaves, rocks, branches, and trash. The first basket is also designed with a built in bypass as precaution for high flow rates or trash build-up that can obstruct normal flow. After passing through the first filtration basket, the coarse filtered storm-water reaches the second stage of filtration. The second perforated basked is rated to separate any solids greater than 3,000 microns (3mm). Within the second basket, there are hydrocarbon pillows designed to filter and reduce the fuels and oils that are mixed with the stormwater runoff. The final filtration basket retains solids that are greater than 2,000 microns (2mm) in size. After passing through the RainFilter™’s three-step filtration process, the stormwater runoff has significantly reduced TSS and is prepared for storage in an underground detention system.​ 

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