Floatable Collection Screen - Model

Floatable Collection Screen

Trash, debris, and large amounts of foliage are often collected as stormwater runoff flows through nearby terrain, especially paved surfaces. Floatable Collection Screens (FCS) require storm-water to pass through a metal screening device before entering the storm sewer, which removes large amounts of floatable solid materials. 

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  • Screens trash, debris, and other gross pollutants
  • Multiple screen designs available
  • Prevents clogging of storm sewer pipes
  • Prevents animals from entering pipe system

ParkUSA®’s Floatable Collection System captures unwanted floatable pollutants from stormwater systems. The influent encounters a floatable collection bar screen that traps floating debris as small as 1½″ in size, preventing it from invading MS4s, rivers, drainage swales, lakes, bayous, estuaries, and coastal waters. The separated effluent exits and continues through the stormwater sewer system, leaving behind debris in the product.

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