StormTrooper HMI - Model

StormTrooper HMI

Hazardous Material Interceptor

At gasoline stations there is a great risk of pollutants being washed into the stormwater. A spill of only one gallon of gasoline can contaminate 750,000 gallons of water. Many municipalities require spill containment measures around gasoline fueling stations to address this. The City of Austin, Texas specifically requires that a business with a gasoline fueling station have a hazardous material interceptor with the ability to accommodate spills up to 750 gallons in addition to the ability to treat storm-water runoff. The StormTrooper® HMI is part of the StormTrooper® product family of patented technology that is designed to intercept free oil, grease, TSS, debris and other pollutants found in stormwater. In addition, the HMI system accommodate fuel spills up to 3,800 gallons. 

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  • Enhanced gravity separation utilizing CMP technology
  • Larger effective area (EA) Treatment
  • Best Value BMP
  • Accommodates spills up to 3,800 gallons
  • Includes diversion structure to bypass flows
           exceeding design Water Quality Volume (WQv)
  • 3rd Party tested by Southwest Research Institute
  • Manufactured in Texas

The function of the StormTrooper® system is to intercept free oils and sediments from stormwater runoff and retain them for periodic removal. Each system is designed for a rated flow rate capacity of stormwater, known as the initial “first-flush” flow of a storm event. This first-flush will contain the majority of the pollutants washed from the catchment areas. Runoff can range from low to very high flow rates. High flows can be detrimental to stormwater treatment devices in that excessive flows tend to scour and resuspend the existing retained pollutants left from the previous storm event. The StormTrooper® utilizes engineered bypass features to handle excessive flows, permitting only the design flow through the interceptor while bypassing high flows to the storm sewer.

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