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Catch Basin - Stormwater Drainage

Stormwater infrastructure exists to manage stormwater during stormwater accumulation events. Excessive stormwater can lead to flooding and potential public safety risk and property damage. Development and building projects require a properly designed drainage system to efficiently move storm-water to a public stormwater sewer. A stormwater system is made of many unique components for catchment, conveyance, detention, and quality treatment. Catchbasins and Grate Inlets are an important part of a properly designed stormwater management system. ParkUSA® offers a wide variety of stormwater drainage products essential for all stormwater drainage applications. ​

Dolor Sit Amet

  • Strong and durable precast construction
  • Consists of top, riser and bottom stages
  • Optional knock-outs, block-outs, frames, covers &
  • In stock & easy to install
  • City & State approved models
  • Multiple cover options
  • Traffic rated structure
  • Additional attachments available
  • Customizable by application

A Catch Basin is a precast concrete box with a perforated metal grate. The catch basin (also referred to as a drop inlet) is an important component in a stormwater drainage system. It is strategically placed underground to prevent flooding of pavement, landscaping, and property. During a rain event, rainwater hits the ground (becoming stormwater) and drains towards the lowest point, the catchbasin. As stormwater flows down through the grate, the basin fills. A connected drainage pipe then carries the water downstream. The drainage piping is placed on a progressively downward sloping gradient to encourage stormwater to flow; this is also known as gravity-flow. Multiple catch basins and curb inlets are often used and linked with pipe to create a network of drainage points and piping; called a stormwater sewer. The stormwater finally flows off-site through its watershed of public storm sewers, and eventually into ditches, estuary, rivers, lakes, and oceans.​

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Catch Basin 12" thru 84"


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Catch Basin with Mud Basket


Type D Saddle Grate Inlet - City of Houston


Type D and D-1 Grate Inlet - City of Houston

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