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Stormwater infrastructure exists to manage stormwater during stormwater accumulation events. Excessive stormwater can lead to flooding and potential public safety risk and property damage. Development and building projects require a properly designed drainage system to efficiently move stormwater to a public stormwater sewer. A stormwater system is made of many unique components for catchment, conveyance, detention, and quality treatment. Catchbasins and Grate Inlets are an important part of a properly designed stormwater management system. ParkUSA® offers a wide variety of stormwater drainage products essential for all stormwater drainage applications. ​

Dolor Sit Amet

  • Strong and Durable Precast Construction
  • Consists of Top, Riser and Bottom Stages
  • Optional Knock-outs, Block-outs, Frames, Covers & Grates
  • In Stock & Easy to Install
  • City & State Approved Models
  • Multiple cover options
  • Traffic rated structure
  • Additional attachments available
  • Customizable by application

A Catch Basin is a precast concrete box with a perforated metal grate. The catch basin (also referred to as a drop inlet) is an important component in a stormwater drainage system. It is strategically placed underground to prevent flooding of pavement, landscaping, and property. During a rain event, rainwater hits the ground (becoming stormwater) and drains towards the lowest point, the catchbasin. As stormwater flows down through the grate, the basin fills. A connected drainage pipe then carries the water downstream. The drainage piping is placed on a progressively downward sloping gradient to encourage stormwater to flow; this is also known as gravity-flow. Multiple catch basins and curb inlets are often used and linked with pipe to create a network of drainage points and piping; called a stormwater sewer. The stormwater finally flows off-site through its watershed of public storm sewers, and eventually into ditches, estuary, rivers, lakes, and oceans.​

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CatchBasin Flyer 


Catch Basin 12" thru 84"


Catch basin Vault


Catch Basin with Mud Basket


Type D Saddle Grate Inlet - City of Houston


Type D and D-1 Grate Inlet - City of Houston

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