Canal Valve

Canal Valve

Water Control System

The ParkUSA® CanalValve™ is a valve system that provides control of water for drainage/flood control, irrigation, wastewater treatment, environmental management. Water management can include water release and detention of ponds, lakes, rivers, canals, and wastewater treatment plants. The CanalValve™ line of products include gate valves, check valve systems, and stop systems that are pre-engineered and contained in a precast concrete structure for direct burial. The turnkey CanalValve™ system can be an important component for EPA Stormwater Quality, a SPCC management program, or a wastewater treatment application. 

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  • Pre-engineered & prefabricated
  • Durable concrete construction
  • Low cost
  •  Easy installation and maintenance

The ParkUSA CanalValve™ systems provides for manual or automatic water control of water bodies. Systems are available in a variety of structural configurations including; Tanks, Headwalls, End Treatments, and Vaults. Slide gate/sluice valves operate with a mechanical screw assembly that easily opens or closes the valve, and can be seated in the open or closed position depending on the desired position. The valve screw assembly provides unrestricted flow, trouble free simplicity and quick opening and closing of the valve. Stop Logs provide for in-channel flow or level control. Logs are beams with a rubber seal that are inserted in grooves cast in a channel wall. The logs are stacked or unstacked to permit incremental changes in water level that are not possible using stop gates or slide gates. Flap and duckbill check valves allow water to flow only one direction. They can provide for water gravity-drainage while preventing water from backflowing upstream.​

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