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In-Line Grinder

The ParkUSA® Macerator Assembly is an “In-Line Grinder” system used on sewage systems. The unit is recommended for gravity-flow sewer lines which may experience high solid concentrations that can “clog” the sewer piping. Typical applications include detention and correctional institutions where vandalism is a frequent occurrence. Inmates tend to “stuff” sheets, towels, and shoes down toilets to cause flooding of the building. The macerator grinds up these solids avoiding costly flooding and maintenance.

Dolor Sit Amet

  • Pre-engineered design of the total grinder assembly
          including vault enclosure
  • Integral bypass and isolation valves
  • Sump pump to avoid water damage
  • Uses dual-shafted technology to reduce solids in
          standard and industrial applications
  • Utilizes a 3 or 5 horsepower motor with a 29:1 gear
  • 2-Inch 4140 Steel hexagonal shafts
  • Varied cutter options to optimize performance and
          particle size
  • Provides protection of downstream pumps and
          processing equipment
  • Features in-line or in-channel cutter stack tightening

The macerator assembly runs continuously to grind up all the sewage that enters the system. A control panel, typically located in a mechanical room, is the “brains” behind the grinder operation. Solids are pulverized with rotating hardened steel teeth. In the event an object is too hard or massive and requires multiple passes through the grinder, the controller will reverse the grinder and repeat the process. This sequence is performed multiple times until the object is destroyed. If the grinder is presented with objects which cannot be shredded after repeated tries, the controller will shut down the grinder and trigger a service alarm.

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Macerator Flyer


Macerator with automatic bypass


Chanel flow macerator with bypass


Macerator with manual bypass


Dual macerator assembly

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