Waste Tank Model

Waste Tanks

Holding tanks are typically used in commercial and industrial wastewater services where the wastewater is detained for periodic removal by a vacuum pump service company due to various reasons including the constituents within the waste-water or availability of wastewater treatment facilities. Wastewater holding tanks are available in several materials for use in a variety of applications and can be customized to meet the design requirements. Tanks are available for installation both above and below ground in multiple configurations and orientations.

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  • Holding Tank - Concrete, steel, or fiberglass
          construction options
  • Rectangular, horizontal cylinder, and vertical cylinder
  • Above ground or buried placement
  • Interior Liner - HDPE, epoxy, and bitumastic options
  • Prepackaged System for Easy Specification &
  • Leak detection
  • Optional pH/temperature, and data logging control
  • Pedestrian, traffic, and aircraft rated manway and
          hatchway covers available
  • Maintenance Notification System; Alerts of Tank Full
  • Optional Dual Wall Containment
  • Optional Metering Pump & Controls
Waste Tank

Wastewater holding tanks can be installed in-line with a sewer system, offline for storage applications, or within a self-contained fluid recycling system for many applications. Leak detection, level detection, and pH/temperature sensors are available for remote status monitoring. Primary tank materials include concrete, steel, and fiberglass, and several interior and exterior liners available for superior performance.  

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Single compartment concrete tank, 500 through 4000


Single compartment concrete tank, 5000 through 15000


Vertical cylindrical concrete tank 50 through 500 


Single compartment concrete tank with oil stop valve 500 through 2000


Square concrete tank w/ liner, level sensor + leak detection 50 through 750

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