Bag Filter Assemblies Model

Bag Filter Assemblies

The Bag Filter Assembly can be used to significantly reduce the particle size allowed to enter the sanitary sewer. Multiple filter baskets and fabrics can be arranged to allow enough open area for fluid to flow, while reducing the allowable particle size to mere microns.

Dolor Sit Amet

  • Precast concrete, polyethylene, fiberglass or steel
           vault construction
  • Custom screen sizes (down to 100 micron)
  • Above or below grade installation
  • Pedestrian or traffic rated structure and access
  • Remote maintenance alarm
  • Interior liners available
  • Meets all building codes
Bag Filter Assembly

The Bag Filter Assembly is typically located inside of a solids interceptor vault buried below grade. The buried interceptor is constructed of precast concrete, providing years of continuous service. The interceptor is divided into several compartments where solids will sink to the bottom, and floatables rise to the surface. As effluent approaches the outlet of the interceptor, fluid is forced to pass through an assembly of baskets and filters with adjustable micron sizes. After passing through the filtering assembly, all solid particles larger than the preset micron size will remain in the interceptor. 

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