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Call: 888-611-7275

Case Studies

WhiteWater Express Car Wash
Cypress, TX

Job Type:

Car washes
Wastewater, Stormwater
Dawson Van Orden, Inc.


  • TrashTrooper
  • OilTrooper
  • Sample Well
  • Catch Basins
  • GreaseTrooper

Project Information:
WhiteWater Express Car Wash is a Houston, TX based company who aims to offer a better and faster high-quality car wash at an amazing value. They have been expanding their business and were in need of a comprehensive wastewater management system for their newest facility in Cypress, TX. While working with WhiteWater Express Car Wash’s team and Dawson Van Orden, Inc., who was the engineering firm for the project, ParkUSA’s sales and engineering teams created a long-lasting and effective solution to ensure the best possible system was designed and engineered for their location.

The entire ParkUSA system includes the following products:

  • One 24” Trash Trooper
    An inline screening device designed for collecting and containing a wide variety of floatable pollution. It also filters and captures coarse pollution such as cans, paper, pocket change, clumps of dirt and other floating debris down to 1-1/2” in size.
  • One 750 gallon Oil Trooper
    This oil/water separator is responsible for clearing significant amounts of oils or solids that interfere with the proper drainage and treatment of effluent.
  • Two 2,000 gallon Reclaim Tanks
    These devices are designed to reduce the amount of FOG (Fats, Oil and Greases) in wastewater before discharging in a municipal wastewater treatment system.
  • One 15” Sample Well
    Periodic sampling of this wastewater is a requirement by Cities, MUDs, and AHJs. The Sample Well is an innovative and economical product for wastewater sampling and testing for wastewater that enters the public sewer system.
  • Six Catch Basins
    These were installed to store debris and floatable pollution so the cleaner water exits into the sewer system.

With valuable assistance from the customer, ParkUSA was able to provide this reliable system of products in order to protect our precious waterways and ensure that only clean water is entering the sewer system. From this project, we also built a new business relationship with STI Contractors, the utilities sub-contractor of this project.