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Spaceport Houston Project 


ParkUSA Combination Water Meter Assembly
Backflow Preventer

Job Type:

Fire Protection
Aerospace & Aviation
Texas Sterling- Banicki

Project Information:
Phase 1 of the Houston Spaceport at Ellington Airport broke ground on June 28, 2019 and is to be complete in the Summer of 2021. It will be the world’s first urban commercial spaceport which offers extraordinary business opportunities for aviation and aerospace companies regardless of size. This project will provide the groundwork to support and accelerate prominent aerospace engineering practices.

Phase 1 is the beginning of a site where cutting-edge innovations needed to lead commercial space travel and aviation to the next level will be developed. 153 out of 440 acres will consist of 53,000 sq ft of lab and office space along with streets, water, wastewater, electrical power and distribution, and communications.

ParkUSA’s Role:
With a series of many different buildings, fire protection and domestic water supply infrastructure are priorities for the project.

ParkUSA was able to fill this need by providing Houston Spaceport with our water meter system designed to measure the volume of water usage for commercial and industrial applications. Products that we provided are listed below:

  • 10” Combination Water Meter Assembly 
  • 10” Reduced Pressure BackFlow Preventer

Utility companies charge customers for water usage, which is recorded by water meters. The Combination Water Meter Assembly incorporates both a positive displacement meter and a turbine meter, merging two water lines into one. This combination can help reduce construction and maintenance costs while behaving as a more applicable meter for some sites. For areas that require multiple fire hydrants, it is practical to have one water line connecting all the hydrants and buildings, to provide both fire and domestic services respectively. Combination Water Assemblies are designed for high metering accuracy where extremely large variations in flow are anticipated. Because it is a fire and domestic meter it processes potable water for drinking and general use and fire protection. This project required a 10” meter because the project will have more than one fire hydrant and need a higher flow rate.

Clean water is valuable for personal, recreational, and business activities. Codes and jurisdictions required for applications where there is a possibility of contamination of the public water supply, which is commonly referred to as cross-contamination. Potential cross-contamination hazards are found in potable, fire-protection, irrigation, and industrial water lines. Reduced Pressure Assemblies are used to protect against these toxic fluids in water services in order to provide safe drinking water. Without these backflow preventers, cross-contamination would become a large safety issue for domestic and fire usage of the water.