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LaGuardia Airport – Concourse A 


Hatchway Assembly

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The PAR Group
HOK Engineering

Project Information:
The comprehensive $8 billion redevelopment of LaGuardia Airport (LGA) – comprises the construction of an entirely new airport on top of an existing one, all while remaining fully operational. This project follows the vision outlined by Governor Andrew M. Cuomo in 2015 to create a unified, 21st century terminal system with improved transportation access, 8 miles of roadway including 24 new bridges, additional airside taxiways and world-class passenger amenities. The overall $8 billion investment is 80% privately financed and LEED Silver certified.

In 2018, ParkUSA was contacted to engineer hatchway lid assemblies for sanitary sewer pump lift stations located in the basement of LaGuardia Airport, Concourse B. These lids were designed to retain up to ten feet of hydrostatic pressure head (4.33 psig) and prevent flooding caused by excessive stormwater drainage that back flowed into the lift stations.

In 2019, ParkUSA was contacted to complete a similar project for the LaGuardia expansion in Concourse A. However, for this project the hatchway lid assemblies were required to retain up to 15 feet of hydrostatic pressure head (6.5 psig).
To accomplish this, ParkUSA relied upon its in-house engineering and fabrication capabilities to manufacture four hatchway lid assemblies. These assemblies functioned with a 72” x 72” ID lift station, consisting of a square structure that accommodated the following:

  • (1) 30” x 40” hatchway
  • (4) 4” pipe connections for pump discharges and venting; and
  • (2) 2” threaded electrical connections. 

Each assembly was hot dipped galvanized for increased performance and durability and designed to be watertight up to fifteen feet of hydrostatic pressure head, or 6.50 psig. Upon completion of the fabrication process, the hatchway assemblies were factory performance tested to ensure all project requirements were achieved.