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Blue Bell Creameries

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Food Service
Wastewater, Stormwater
i2 Construction

Project Information:
Blue Bell Creameries is an ice cream manufacturer that does business primarily in the South. Even though it does business in less than half of the U.S., Blue Bell is the third highest-selling ice cream in the nation, with sales usually ranging upwards of $400 million dollars per year. Blue Bell currently has three manufacturing plants located in Brenham, Texas, Sylacauga, Alabama, and Broken Arrow, Oklahoma; other locations include the various distribution centers spread throughout their territory. Recently, Blue Bell decided to expand the Brenham, Texas location. The expansion includes a fully automated pallet loading system and roughly 100,000 square feet to the cold storage and production facilities. ParkUSA provided an EleVader system for the Brenham, Texas location.

The new project facility included automated pallet rack system and multiple freight and passenger elevators. These elevators were spread throughout the facility. To protect the public sewer system and to be compliant with the new ASTM elevator code, the Park EleVaderTM system was specified. The elevator model EC system was used for its flexibility in its ability to handle several sources of drainage. One Oil water separator could be used to handle multiple elevator shafts and a separate trench drain from an equipment Service area.