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Lint Trooper™

Interceptor Systems

Lint interceptors are used in non-private establishments to remove excessive amounts of lint and silt that may interfere with the proper drainage and treatment of waste water. Local plumbing codes generally require the installation of a lint interceptor where there is a sufficient amount of waste material. Typical applications include commercial/institutional laundromats and dry-cleaners. The waste discharge from these facilities usually contains high quantities of lint, silt, dissolved and suspended solids, as well as detergents.

Both UPC and IPC Plumbing Codes require the interceptor to be equipped with a debris screen, wire basket or similar device, removable for cleaning, that prevents string, rags, buttons and other materials ½ inch (12.7 mm) or larger from entering the public sewer system.

Available Styles:

  • Model LT - Conventional 2 Compartment Design
  • Model LTSC - Advanced Screen Prevention Design
  • Model LTSSB - Advanced Screen Capture Design
  • Model LTH - Advanced Flat Screen Type
  • Model LTS - Freestanding Conventional Multi-Compartment
  • Model MLT - Hydro-Mechanical Lint Interceptor
  • Model LTF - Fiberglass Conventional Multi-Compartment


  • Commercial/Intuitional laundromats
  • Dry-cleaners
  • Apartment laundromat buildings
  • Hotels
  • Schools
  • Assisted living facilities

Model LTS

The ParkUSA LTS Series Interceptor is a steel unit and is recommended for application where the lint interceptor is installed in a freestanding position, i.e., in a basement or on a slab.

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Model LTSC

The ParkUSA Model LTSC Lint Interceptor is a wastewater lint separator featuring one and two compartments, each accessible via 24” diameter manways. 

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Model SSB

A removable & cleanable stainless steel screen filter basket is contained within the compartment to screen and detain solids from the wastewater.

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Model LT

Precasting the concrete shell insures that all units achieve structural and physical uniformity. The units are structurally engineered for H-20 truck loading.

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Model LTH

The ParkUSA model LTH Lint/Hair Interceptor is wastewater solids and hair interceptor featuring slide in screen baffles & a solids retention basket. 

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Model LTF

The ParkUSA LTF Series Interceptor is manufactured fiberglass or plastic and is used where lightweight construction is required.

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Model MLT

More information coming soon

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