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Waste Water

Acid Neutralization

When plumbing drainage systems include the discharge of corrosive, toxic and flammable wastes, special attention should be placed in treating the waste. Such untreated waste can physically damage a building’s plumbing system as well as the environment.

A solution to this problem of waste treatment is the utilization of a Neutralization Tank. The Neutralization Tank is positioned so that acidic waste is collected and passed through this tank prior to discharging into the general sewer system. The waste is chemically neutralized in this tank. It is important to note that the tank is an acid neutralizer and not intended to perform acid dilution. For optimal tank performance, it is not recommended that acidic waste be further diluted prior to neutralization. Therefore, all acidic effluent should be gathered separately from other non-acidic waste and non-acidic waste should bypass the neutralization tank.


  • Laboratories
  • Hospitals and Clinics
  • Research Facilities
  • Battery Rooms
  • Process Plants
  • Chemical Storage Facilities


  • Complete Packaged Systems
  • Precast Concrete, Polyethylene, Fiberglass or Steel Construction
  • LabRoxTM Chemical Rock
  • Available Acid Resistant Liners
  • Available pH Monitoring System

Model ANTC

The ParkUSA LabTank Model ANTC Ceramic Lined Acid Tank is an excellent choice when standard acid resistant materials are not enough (i.e. epoxy coatings, fiberglass or plastics). The ceramic liner offers permanent protection even in the harshest corrosive environments and is designed to last the life of the building. The key to this kind of durability is the internal ceramic liner. Made up of an impermeable membrane overlaid with acid proof brick, this type of liner has a long history of performance where resistance to liquid and gaseous acid media is present. In the Pulp & Paper Industry, the brick is the preferred material of choice for lining bleach towers, generating tanks and waste acid tanks.

The acid proof brick is manufactured from a blend of selected clays with controlled particle size, fully dried and fired to verification at 1121 °C. This assures an exceptionally dense and highly vitrified brick which meets ASTM C279 Type H specifications.

System components

  • Ceramic Brick Lining
    The ceramic brick liner is the solution when fiberglass or plastic liners do not offer adequate protection. The ceramic brick liner offers permanent protection even in the harshest of chemical environments. This type of liner has traditionally been used in industrial applications such as Pulp & Paper Mills and Oil/Gas Refineries. The ceramic liner system consists of an impermeable membrane overlaid with acid proof brick. The liner can be applied to steel or concrete tanks.
  • Neutralization Fill-Lab Rox
    The neutralizing medium, commonly referred to as “Chemical Rock”, consists of lump limestone or marble of the 1” to 3” size. The Chemical Rock should have a calcium carbonate content of at least 85%. After the acid neutralization tank is installed, the tank is charged with chemical rock. The chemical rock is expendable during normal operation.
  • Controls pH Monitoring & Leak Detection
    When pH monitoring and/or leak detection is required, several options are available. For budget projects, a visual detection system consisting of an access cover or pipe in the secondary tank is available. Routine inspection is required to ensure warning in the case of a leak. For automatic notification an electronic pH monitoring and leak detection system is available. This system consists of sensor probes, analyzers, and digital chart recorder and notification panel. Contact our engineering department for more information.
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