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The ParkUSA Macerator Assembly is an “In-Line Grinder” system used on sewage systems. The unit is recommended for gravity-flow sewer lines which may experience high solid concentrations that can “clog” the sewer piping. Typical applications include detention and correctional institutions where vandalism is a frequent occurrence. Inmates tend to “stuff” sheets, towels, and shoes down toilets to cause flooding of the building. The macerator grinds up these solids avoiding costly flooding and maintenance.

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ParkUSA offers full support on designing a Macerator Assembly. From the concrete box and piping selection, overall specifications and sizing is available from the engineering team.

Although standard sizing charts are inconvenient to stablish for this type of units, standard construction is well stablished. The macerator vault shall be constructed of precast concrete having a 28-day minimum compressive strength of 5000 PSI using a Type I Portland Cement. The vault shall be designed for H-20-44 traffic loading as defined by AASHTO 14th ED. 1989 using a 30% impact factor. Structural reinforcement placement and bending shall be in accordance to latest ACI standards. All reinforcements steel shall comply with ASTM A615 grade 60 or ASTM A706 Grade 60. Lifting inserts to be installed for handling per manufacturers requirements. The vault shall be coated with exterior vapor barrier Bitumastic, 15 mils DFT.

  • Pre-Engineered Design of the Total Grinder Assembly Including Vault Enclosure 
  • Integral Bypass and Isolation Valves 
  • Sump Pump to Avoid Water Damage 
  • Uses Dual-Shafted Technology to Reduce Solids in Standard and Industrial Applications 
  • Utilizes a 3 or 5 Horsepower motor with a 29:1 Gear Reducer 
  • 2-Inch 4140 Steel Hexagonal Shafts 
  • Varied Cutter Options to Optimize Performance and Particle Size 
  • Provides Protection of Downstream Pumps and Processing Equipment 
  • Features In-Line or In-Channel Cutter Stack Tightening Capabilities 

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