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Waste Water


In-Line Grinder System

The ParkUSA Macerator Assembly is an “In-Line Grinder” system used on sewage systems. The unit is recommended for gravity-flow sewer lines which may experience high solid concentrations that can “clog” the sewer piping. Typical applications include detention and correctional institutions where vandalism is a frequent occurrence. Inmates tend to “stuff” sheets, towels, and shoes down toilets to cause flooding of the building. The macerator grinds up these solids avoiding costly flooding and maintenance.

The macerator assembly vault, manufactured by Park, is constructed of quality precast concrete, Class I 4500 PSI @ 28 days. Precasting the concrete shell insures that all units achieve structural and physical uniformity. The units are structurally engineered for H-20 truck loading (with H-20 cover if specified) and can be buried without any need for any other structural protection. The assembly which consists of pipe, valves, fittings, and a grinder unit is preassembled and installed within an appropriately sized concrete vault enclosure. The assemblies are pretested and inspected to adhere to our strict quality control standards.

System Components

  • Macerator Grinder
    Main Housing: The main housing shall be cast from grade 65-45-12 Ductile Iron. Unit to be equipped with access port covers.
  • Cutters: Cutters and spacers shall be arranged in a one-piece multi-tooth cartridge. The cutter cams and shaft shall be hardened AISI 4140 alloy steel.
  • Seals and Bearings: The primary seals shall have elastomeric members which operate as opposing disk springs when compressed at the same time keeping the faces of the two metallic rings together insuring positive sealing. Bearings shall be oversized deep groove double seal type.
  • Drive and Motor: The macerator will be driven by a direct coupled speed reducer with a 5 H.P. Immiscible, 230/460 volts 3 phase 60 hertz motor. A flexible coupling will be used to segregate the reducer from the machine. The motor will have a service factor of 1.15.
  • Shaft Gears: Two Counter rotating shafts will be driven by two heavy-duty spur gears hardened to a Rockwell C of 40-45.
  • Electrical Controls: An Automatic Reversing Controller will be supplied with oil tight controls and overload heater protection. The contents of the controller will be encased in a NEMA enclosure. A three position “Hand-Off-Auto” switch will control the mode of operation. The controller will sense overload currents indicating a jam condition. The macerator will stop, then pause and reverse rotation. An “Alarm” light will be illuminated after 4 overloads. The controller will reset itself back to zero count if no overloads occur after 30 seconds. The controller shall incorporate a main disconnect switch. A vault sump pump relay and high water level indicator shall be incorporated in the panel.


  • Pre-Engineered Design of the Total Grinder Assembly Including Vault Enclosure
  • Integral Bypass and Isolation Valves
  • Sump Pump to Avoid Water Damage
  • Uses Dual-Shafted Technology to Reduce Solids in Standard and Industrial Applications
  • Utilizes a 3 or 5 Horsepower motor with a 29:1 Gear Reducer
  • 2-Inch 4140 Steel Hexagonal Shafts
  • Varied Cutter Options to Optimize Performance and Particle Size
  • Provides Protection of Downstream Pumps and Processing Equipment
  • Features In-Line or In-Channel Cutter Stack Tightening Capabilities


  • Schools
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Hospitals
  • General Industry
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