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Waste Water

Concrete and Fiberglass Liftstation

The pump lift station is used to receive sanitary wastewater or stormwater and move it through a collection system. The lift station can be used to temporarily store the wastewater, but it is generally used to transfer liquid that cannot gravity-flow on its own. The submersible pump lift station system is a very reliable and cost effective solution where a pump system is required. The submersible pump is a vertical, close coupled electric motor powered pump that resides underwater. The pumps operate quietly and are cooled by the liquid which maximizes their life span.

Most pump stations are designed for multiple pump installations. The duplex system is the most common where the two pumps alternate in operation to equalize the wear of the pumps and to keep the wet well from solids build-up. The multiple pump system offers continued operation in the case of a pump failure, removal for servicing and also provides extra capacity in times of extraordinary loading.


  • Residential-Individual homes, apartments & subdivisions
  • Commercial-Trailer parks, nursing homes, schools, campgrounds, apartment complexes, hospitals, parks, shopping centers, hotels
  • Industrial-Lift stations for power plants, guard houses, administration buildings
  • Municipal-Sewage treatment plants, pump stations, sampling applications, equalization tanks

Sanitary wastewater or storm water enters the wet-well basin through the inlet pipe. An electric liquid level control system monitors the water level and engages the pump(s) at pre-determined levels. The pumps then transfer the liquid up and out of the wet-well basin into the sanitary or storm sewer system.

Effluent Pumps

Effluent pumps are used to move small quantities of stormwater or subsurface water at low to moderate flow rates. The Park line of Effluent Pump Station is ideal for effluent applications where a gravity flow system is not practical. The effluent pump package is available in a Simplex (single pump) or Duplex (dual pump). The discharge size is typically 1-1/4” to 2” with flow rates up to 30 gpm and horsepower ranging from fractional to 2 HP.


  • 1/3 HP through 3 HP effluent pumps
  • Offered as complete turnkey systems or engineered to project specifications
  • Computer system design and selection programs available for design assistance
  • Variable Wet Well Sizes
  • Grating or Hatchway Access
  • Automatic or Manual Operation
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