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Waste Water

Decon Tank

Toxic wastewater is generated as a result of decontamination activities performed at medical facilities that may contain CBR substances. According to the current IPC and UPC codes, chemical drainage shall be completely separated from the sanitary sewer system (Chapter 8, Section 803.3, IPC 2009). The ParkUSA DeconTank, is specifically designed to control decontamination wastewater for the protection of personnel and the public sewer system.
For permanent installations utilizing gravity flow drainage, a below grade tank is recommended. There are two types of tanks:

  • DeconTank “Holding” Tank is a tank that is plumbed with open shut valves that allow the discharge of decontamination wastewater to the sanitary sewer system after it is determined to be an allowable discharge. If outlet pipe from the tank extends and connects to a public sewer line, then the tank is considered as part of the building plumbing. The tank should comply with local plumbing regulations.
  • DeconTank “Storage” Tank is a holding tank that is not directly connected to a public sewer line (such that it would require pumping to empty it) and is considered a “storage tank”. The manhole should not be less than 20" in size. All manholes should extend to grade. The interceptor should be located near the source of the wastewater for the protection of the piping system.

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The recommended minimum size of a decontamination holding tank should reflect Best Management Practices (BMP) and economic principles of construction. It is generally recommended that a decontamination holding tank have a capacity of at least 1500 gallons.

The design size of decontamination holding tanks is typically based on the following flow calculations: the number of showers to be taken, the gallon per minute of flow from the shower head or hose, and the time spent in the shower. This calculation should be considered the minimum amount of tank holding capacity available on site:

Showers Taken X GPM of Shower Head X Time in Shower = Holding Capacity

Example: Farm accident: Victim pinned under chemical spreader. On scene, First Responder, Sheriff’s Deputy, and two Emergency Medical Technicians giving assistance. All on site have been exposed to chemicals. All involved at incident will be decontaminated at Hospital X. Hospital X has a decontamination room equipped with a single stand up shower and one drench hose that deliver 5.5 GPM. The decontamination room is served by one drain.

The calculation is as follows:

4 Stand up showers x 5.5 gpm head x 15 minutes = 330.0 gallons
       1 Drench shower x 5.5 gpm head x 15 minutes = 82.5 gallons
                                           Minimum DeconTank Size = 415.5 gallons

The same calculations using a 20 gallon per minute deluge shower would require a minimum of a 1,500m gallon containment tank(s). Current sizes available are showed below.

The ParkUSA DeconTank Series is manufactured of Class II 4500 PSI precast concrete. Precasting the concrete shell insures that all units achieve structural and physical uniformity. The units are structurally engineered for H-20 truck loading and can be buried without any need for any other structural protection. The unit is of monolithic construction to insure against joint leakage with an interior liner of composite or stainless steel. The exterior is coated with Bitumastic or lined with composite for secondary containment. The ParkUSA DTF DeconTank Series Interceptor is manufactured fiberglass or plastic and is used where lightweight construction is required.

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