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Waste Water

AF3 Tank

AFFF Wastewater Holding Tanks

Aqueous film-forming foam (AFFF) solution is used extensively in fire suppression systems for aviation facilities and fire training facilities. AFFF systems are proven and essential to protect these valuable, mission essential aircraft and hangar facilities. AFFF systems have superior fire extinguishing capability and can effectively control flammable or combustible liquid fire resulting from aviation and shipboard accidents.

The ParkUSA AFFF unit is a product designed to hold and ease application of AFFF solution. Due to its capabilities in fire suppression, the use of this tank is useful for fire protection projects.

AFFF is not considered hazardous to humans and is technically considered biodegradable and practically nontoxic. The major concern is the large volume of solution that can be produced from hangar fire protection systems. Because AFFF is biodegradable, the breakdown of AFFF by bacteria consumes oxygen. Uncontrolled AFFF discharged to the environment could deprive aquatic life of oxygen and cause fish kills. If allowed to enter the sewage treatment facilities in relatively large volumes, AFFF foam can disrupt the treatment process by killing necessary bacterial cultures within wastewater treatment facilities (WWTFs). Many WWTF’s prohibit the discharge of AFFF laden wastewater unless the AFFF concentration is less than 50 ppm.

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Since this is a special product that requires coordination and careful review of different variables involved, it results complex to establish a standard chart with model and size. However, the general method for sizing this type of unit is as follows:

  • Variables of flow, foam, and location must be stated. These values usually are: flow rate, hanger size, volume of foam solution, and foam expansion rate.
  • Using a 10 minutes retention, and with the discharge equation, the volume of the tank can be estimated.
  • Next, wastewater equipment to use should be verified, this includes: double wall with leak detection, oil/water separator, diverter valve actuator, and control panel. Each of these pieces and equipment also need a process for design and selection.

The ParkUSA AFFF unit includes the following standard & optional components:

  • Elevated Stands & Ladders 
  • Dual Wall Construction 
  • Stainless Steel Construction 
  • Concrete Containment Vault 
  • High Level Monitoring Sensors & Controls 
  • Precast Concrete, Steel or Fiberglass Construction 
  • Access covers or hatchways 
  • Safety hatchnets 

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