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Tap Water

Tap Water 

General Information
Clean water is a valuable resource that Americans have come to depend on for all aspects of personal, recreation, and business activities. ParkUSA furnishes a suite of products designed to process and deliver water for storage and distribution, protect public water supplies, and provide reliable water metering.

  • BackFlow Prevention Assembly

    BACKFLO BackFlow Prevention Assembly The water supply system is designed to ensure that water flows to properties and buildings under pressure. There is a risk to public health if there is a cross-connection between the water supply and a contaminated source. If there is a pressure drop in the water main, a vacuum could be created in the water supply system. Under certain conditions this creates a siphoning effect and draws liquid from a contaminated…

  • Break Tank System

    Break Tank System The ParkUSA BreakTankTM is a packaged water storage system complete with tank, controls, and fill valves. A BreakTank is a necessary component in multilevel buildings to provide adequate water needs for Fire, Domestic, & Irrigation applications. ParkUSA has fabricated BreakTanks for more than 25 years in accordance with the American Welding Society Specifications, AISC, NFPA, and the Uniform Building Code. The fabrication of reliable, durable products requires knowledge, experience and investment. The…

  • Water Meter Assembly

    Water Meter Assembly Clean water is a valuable resource to which Americans have become dependent for all aspects of personal, recreation, and business activities. The water originates from either below ground or surface water sources. Water utilities process and distribute the water via underground water mains. Utility companies charge customers for the water usage. To monitor and meter the water usage, water meters are used to record this information. The water meter is generally located…

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