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StormTrooper Screens

The increasing presence of trash debris in our waterways is harmful to aquatic habitats and animal wildlife. ParkUSA’s TrashTrooper® is a product of inline screening systems designed to collect and contain a wide variety of floatable pollution particles. TrashTroopers can serve as an effective Post-Construction Best Management Practice (BMP), which limits the quantity of harmful pollutants being discharged by a completed development during and following rain events. While the best method for addressing floatables in waterways is through public education (“don’t litter” campaigns, signage, inlet markers, etc.), floatable collection products will separate a large percentage of floating trash and debris from stormwater.

There are various configurations and sizes available for the ParkUSa TrashTrooper. However, all of these configurations follow the same model design. Floatable Collection devices and Pond inlet Filters are also available.

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