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Curb Inlets

A Curb Inlet is an underground precast concrete structure used to prevent flooding of curbed streets and parking lots. The curb inlet contains a basin and a horizontal throat opening at the street level. An access cover (often referred to as a manhole cover) resides on top to allow for inspection and maintenance access. During a rain event, rainwater hits the pavement (becoming stormwater) and drains towards the curb and to the curb inlet. As water flows down through the throat opening, the basin fills. A connected drainage pipe then carries the water away. The drainage piping is placed on a progressively downward sloping gradient to encourage water to flow; this is also known as gravity-flow. Multiple curb inlets are often used and linked with pipe to create a network of drainage points and piping; called a stormwater sewer.

The stormwater finally flows off-site through its watershed of public storm sewers, ditches, estuary, rivers, lakes, and oceans.

A curb inlet can also be outfitted with optional devices to increase its pollution (debris, sediment, nutrients, and hydrocarbons) collection performance.

Components of an effective stormwater drainage network can include; catch basins, junction boxes, curb inlets, manholes, drainage pipe, headwalls, safety end treatments, detention basins, stormwater quality interceptors, and pump lift stations. 

Curb inlet filters are used to remove debris and pollutants from stormwater runoff before entering the drainage waterways. They are widely implemented in stormwater applications, from rural to industrial zones, they are highly looked for the convenience offered as a street-side inlet protection unit. ParkUSA offers from standard sizes to custom designs to accomplish any project needs.

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