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Stormwater Drainage

Stormwater runoff can cause overflows in the sanitary lines as well as flood urban areas, so a well-designed infrastructure is important as well as dependable products. When engineers and planners are designing or improving aging underground infrastructure, they look to ParkUSA for trusted products and specifications. ParkUSA offers utility products for wastewater, stormwater, electrical, communications and HVAC applications. Precast concrete structures offer superior strength and long lasting durabilty, at costs to fit the projects budget.

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Catch Basins 

A Catch Basin is a precast concrete box with a perforated metal grate. The catch basin (also referred to as a drop inlet) is an important component in a stormwater drainage system.

Curb Inlets

A Curb Inlet is an underground precast concrete structure used to prevent flooding of curbed streets and parking lots. The curb inlet contains a basin and a horizontal throat opening at the street level. 

Grate Inlet Filters 

The Grate Inlet Filter” is a stormwater Best Management Practice device designed to fit within common basin structures to provide an economical BMP solution.


Below ground wastewater and stormwater sewer piping require access openings at certain intervals to allow for access, connection points, and change-in-direction points. A Manhole is used for these activities.

Electric Pull Boxes

The Electrical Pull Box is a belowground square structure made of precast concrete. The purpose of these structures is to interconnect underground communications or electrical cabling.

Drainage Pipe 

Reinforced Concrete Pipe (known as “RCP”) is the strongest and the most reliable pipe used for underground stormwater sewers. Sizes range from 12” to 96” in diameter, and lengths up to 8’-0”.

Trench Grates

ParkUSA FloTrench are floor drains that are used for the rapid evacuation of surface water, containment of utility lines or chemical spills. Employing a grating or solid cover, that is flush with the adjoining surface.

Safety End Treatments 

Safety End Treatment (SET) structures are a type of precast concrete retaining wall that is used along roadways to terminate stormwater piping that installed under roadways or driveways. 

Covers and Hatchways

ParkUSA is a leading supplier of construction castings to many cities, counties, and states. Cast iron and ductile iron grates, covers and frames.


Underground storm sewer piping will sometimes penetrate aboveground in the form of a drainage ditch or pond inlet or discharge.

Junction Boxes

The Junction Box is a belowground round or square structure made of precast concrete. The purpose of these structures is to interconnect stormsewer.

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